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What's Up: Bias trim skirt, New pencil skirt, New bag coming

I am having a lot of fun these days with new projects.  Last week I finished Cora's Daddy-Daughter Dance outfit and entered it into a Valentine craft project competition at Craftsy (I love competitions!!).  I also finished the A-line skirt for the mother-daughter pair and made the prototype of a new clutch wallet I'm developing.  An exciting week!  This week looks good, too, as I continue to work on the clutch wallet, design a "corsetted" pencil skirt for Diane, and get ready for Skirt Party #2 on Saturday.

If you remember, this is the fabric that the daughter picked out for her A-line skirt:

The print is from Brandon Mably's 2009 Scales collection (more on his designs later in the week).  I made some 1/2 inch double-fold bias tape from it so that I could use it as trim on the hem and pockets.  G liked it so much that we used it for the waistband as well.  What do you think?

The clutch wallet still needs work so I won't post any pictures yet, but I'm making it from upholstery fabric scraps and swatches.  Beautiful fabrics and a nice way to repurpose materials bound for the dump!  Once I get it worked out, I'll post the instructions as a free tutorial.

I got the idea for the corsetted skirt from an Ann Taylor design.  Here's the original:

Pinned Image

I love the seaming detail on this.  It's a simple embellishment that adds a lot to the finished look.  I've enjoyed the problem-solving that has gone into reverse engineering this skirt.  I got some help from my friends at the SewWeekly and I'm excited to see how the draft version of it turns out.  Like with the wallet, I know that the first version won't be it but it will get me there in the end!
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