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Fashion Focus: New Vogue Catalog, Vogue 8789

Vogue Pattern's new Spring 2012 catalog is out, and I don't know if it's the more fashionable photography they've got going on or the actual patterns, but I want to make many of the items from the preview.  

Here's one that I've been mulling over:
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Vogue 8789

I love the bodice and I have the perfect fabric - that orange/persimmon stripey fabric I bought from

When the fabric arrived I loved it but I quickly realized that it was too crisp for what I originally had in mind (top with cowl neck).  But it could really work with Vogue 8789 and I like the idea of maybe a lilac lining that would peek through the stripes.  The bodice is cut on the bias so that the stripes make a V.

But in staring at Vogue 8789 for long, long minutes I realized I have a real aversion to those full 50's style skirts.  I appreciate them.  I like looking at people wearing them (like Betsy from Madmen).  But the thought of putting one on myself makes my skin crawl a little (I know, very dramatic, but it's true!).  First, I picture an imbalance since my upstairs has shrunk to the first letter of the alphabet since having children and couldn't possibly compete with such a full skirt downstairs.  Second, I just can't imagine where I would wear it.  To the park with the kids?  Only if I wanted to sit daintily on the sidelines.  Out for a date with my heavy metal-loving husband with the long beard and pony tail?  Ha!  Out with friends?  Nah.  It's just not me - too pretty, too princess-y.  And I love skirts and dresses - I wear them all the time during the summer (I hate shorts) and often during fall and spring.  I wear them to the park with kids and out with my husband or with friends.  So my aversion is certainly not because I'm a pants person. 

One of the other pictures from the catalog is this one:

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And this says it all.  I will never go anywhere with a basket of flowers on my arm, even with somewhat sultry sunglasses on my face.  In my heart of hearts, I'm not Trudy or Betsy.  I'm probably not Joan either, but somewhere in between.

But with a different skirt I can picture wearing it anywhere.  I'm thinking I might swap out the full skirt for a full-ish A-line or something with pleats.  Or a skirt that's more straight, like one of 8789's numerical neighbors:

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Vogue 8787

What about you?  Are you a full-skirt kind of gal?  And if you are and you can pull it off, how do you do it?
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