New Client

So one of the things that has kept me busy this fall is the work I've done for musician Michele McGovern.
Photo by Roland Lim Photography, used with Michele's permission

Isn't she lovely?? I first heard of Michele when Rhonda of Rhonda's Creative Life posted one of her music videos last year. I loved the video, and was excited when Rhonda referred her to me for some custom garments. The work was more than I could get done, so I brought my friend Nancy of Shmancy Nancy on board. It's been so much fun to have a partner in crime and I hope to get to do more work with Nancy soon!

Our latest project was a two-piece ensemble created from heavy black Guipure lace. I made the bolero and Nancy created the skirt.

It's difficult to see in this picture, but there a long slit down the front, offset over one leg. The skirt is meant to be worn with a short black mini skirt underneath. The top portion is underlined with black organza to help give it structure, it has darts and pleats to give it shape, and a Petersham ribbon waist stay to keep it positioned correctly. Nancy draped this skirt and it is a work of art!

I made the bolero from Vogue 2237 (same pattern I used for the wedding dress last year), a Badgley Mischka pattern. The only alterations I made were to reduce the shoulder and sleeve cap (Michele didn't want shoulder pads and the bolero was drafted with pads) and to add a cuff.

As you can see from this photo and the one above,
I've been having fun with Picfix!
Earlier projects include more black lace skirts (me) and lace blouses (Nancy). I don't have photos of all the projects yet, but here's a few from my camera and Michele's facebook page:

Blouse by Nancy - photo from Michele
Hard-to-see skirt by PoldaPop - it's a mix of chiffon & Chantilly lace

Feather cuffs by PoldaPop

The work has been that perfect mix of challenging and fun. Michele wore some of our creations in a new video shoot and will be wearing others in a concert on the East Coast next week. We'll be getting "costume designer" credits in the production notes. How could I have predicted that 4.5 years ago when I decided to learn to sew?


I've Not Died . . .

I've just gone to Instagram.

Greetings to any Readers who have stuck around during my absence. I've had a busy six weeks, mostly good, with lots of sewing projects. But something had to give and it turns out that what gave was this blog. But I have been trying to post projects over on Instagram, as it fits into my schedule a bit better these days. You can find me under PoldaPop and follow my makes here. Like this crazy blanket/cape/silk suit to coat refashion:

I do have an actual blog post in the works and I hope to hit publish tomorrow.

What have you been up to this Fall? - Lisa


Almost the same: Jalie 2921 Scarf Top

I've made this top before, with this fabric (different color).

I know a good combo when I see one.

The pattern is Jalie 2921, which I made into a top and a dress earlier in the year. This time I'm back to the top version, and the only change I made this time was to shorten the ties by 5 inches. I like this change so much that my earlier versions may get the chop.

Since I can't tie a bow, I have to leave the ties long, and I find that they just get in the way. I'm constantly getting them wet while I'm doing dishes or washing the girls hair, and I've almost cut them off more than once while sewing.

The fabric is the Uber Soft Rayon Blend Jersey from GorgeousFabrics.com. She's all out of the peacock, but there's still some magenta (same as my first top) and army green. This stuff is amazingly soft - it makes me want to hug myself!


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