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Everyone has that item (three or four) in their closet: the skirt or pant that doesn't really work due to fit or style, but that you can't quite throw out because you love the fabric or it cost too much money or it was your favorite pair of jeans before the knees blew out.  I'm glad that you kept it because it can have a second life!

This first picture is of a pair of corduroys that one of my clients had me refashion as a skirt.  The corduroys no longer fit her (too big in places) and so we found some beautiful contrast corduroy fabric by Valori Wells and inserted it in the front and sides.  I love how the skirt has an almost mermaid shape to it. 

Jeans or corduroys to skirt:

I have an old old maxi-skirt I want to try this with - I love the sleeves!  Maxi-skirt to gypsy dress (this picture from boredandcrafty):


And I think this one is so clever!  Long skirt to rockabilly mini (from here):

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