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Fabric Designer focus: Dena Designs


My designer focus this week is Dena Designs, who has some warm and vibrant collections through Free Spirit.  Here's her bio from the Free Spirit website:

“Embellish your life,” is Dena’s motto, and her products, books and media exposure have reached a vast number of fans that value friendship, home, family, creativity and self-expression. As President and Creative Director of Dena Designs, Inc., Dena has simultaneously managed the roles of designer, businesswoman, and mom while crafting a hugely successful company, and lifestyle brand.

While many designers rely on perfection, Dena believes that it is the process that makes the project fun and memorable! Her book, Embellish Your Home!, exemplifies Dena’s love of helping people embellish their lives. She does not believe there is some unreachable standard out there to which people must aspire. “I’m always painting,” says Dena, “or adding bits and pieces to something. I love the process! I tell people there’s no ‘right way’ or ‘wrong way.’ If you don’t like it, change it. The whole point is to have fun doing it and get real pleasure out of your results.”

I like that phrase - "embellish your life" - making the small things around us special, unique, interesting.  Here are some of my favorites and favorite combinations:

Many of these would be beautiful for home decorating, or as a dress or skirt.  And I'd love to make a funky Anthropologie-style handbag out of the peacocks!

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