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Pattern Hacking Simplicity 2580

Ugh, you say, "This pattern again???"  That's right - this pattern again!  It might not be worth posting except that I made some (new!) changes this time aroud.

First, a review.  At last count I have made this pattern at least 12 times, including at least one version (for a client) that I forgot to photograph.  I even made the dress twice with the exact same fabric (once for me, once for a client).  I've hacked it in various ways (see here and here and here).  I had one failure (see here) which I recently tried to fix recently by chopping it to make a top (we'll see if I wear that when the weather gets cooler).  It's a bit overwhelming when you put them all together.

But you can certainly say that I got my money's worth when I bought this pattern for 99 cents!

My last make of this pattern was for a friend/client from my bookclub.  Judi doesn't wear a lot of dresses, but she really loved the multi/brown rectangles dress when I wore it one night and she decided to splurge on some absolutely luxurious rayon jersey from (sadly now out of stock - but you can still get the multi/brown rectangels here and it's on sale!).

She wanted a more flared skirt than the original pattern.  I thought about doing a slash and spread on the skirt pattern pieces, but then I looked through my pattern stash and decided to just use Vogue 8571 instead.

So, Simplicty 2580 + Vogue 8571 =  Voglicity 8571-2580?

The fabric was very lightweight and drapey so I underlined the back bodice with black knit tricot lining (the front bodice is already a double layer of fasion fabric) and lined the skirt with the same.  Judi wanted to come in a bit more under the bust (and I wanted to stop the heavy skirt from dragging down the bodice) so I created a casing in the bodice/skirt seam allowance for 1/4" elastic.

I like that the elastic give the dress more support without having an obvious elastic waist.

Next week I've got some new makes to show you, and I'll hopefully be almost done with my Elisalex by then.  Onward, Ho!

STOP PRESS: I just discovered a new blog on Victoria's 10 Thousand Sewing Hours.  It's called The Lost Art of Fine Tailoring, and the gentleman who runs the blog is offering a giveaway right now - check it out!

3 comments on "Pattern Hacking Simplicity 2580"
  1. the finishing around the neckline and armholes look great! what a pretty dress!!

  2. Thanks! This dress was so soft and cozy that I really wanted to keep it for myself!

  3. Voglicity - love it!

    Such a pretty dress - your friend is a lucky lady!

    Elisalex! Elisalex!