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I'm Back!

Whew.  That last month of the summer crushed me.  But as of yesterday Belly is back in school and Moop is back at daycare and I am back in my routine.  So glad to be here.

I've got a bunch of finished projects and tutorials and teaching moments to share with you from the six weeks.  I'm excited to start writing (and reading) again.  In the meantime, I have a bit of fun for you.

I taught two week-long camps with my friend Nancy Sidman of Miss Nancy Schmancy at The Little Bits Workshop in River Forest  The first camp had 12 girls, age 9 through 11.  The second camp had 11 girls, age 9 through 13 (the big range led to an interesting social dynamic).  In both camps, a bunch of girls with little or no sewing machine experience sewed a garment and a tote bag in just one week and then walked the runway.  It was crazy fun!  You can watch a video of the first runway show here and see photos here
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  1. That is so cool, Lisa! Thanks for sharing! Those girls did an amazing job, which means you and your friend did an amazing job teaching them!