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Paisley-ish Matellasé Stretch - Bittersweet Chocolate

First, the name Ann bestowed on this fabric is just fantastic.  I could drink this name, and not just because the word chocolate is in there.  Matellasé makes me think of something whipped and creamy - add that to chocolate and I'm sure you have a dangerous cocktail or a yummy coffee drink.

I spied this fabric in early fall and immediately pinned it.  And just as I suspected, it attracted my clients attention - like bees to matellasé, as it were (sorry, couldn't help it!).

Pinned Image

So far I have made three skirts for clients out of this fabric.  Two Gertie pencil skirts, one with boning and one without, and a simple A-line skirt with a corduroy hem band.

Gertie skirt for Diane

Gertie skirt for Melissa

A-line for Jennifer

Corduroy hem band - bought this from an Etsy de-stasher
The fabric absolutely lives up to it's scrumptious name.  It is slightly spongey with a good amount of stretch.  There's a slight sheen to the paisley thread design.  It's warm.  It's soft.  And there's still some left.  Unless I decide to order it all up!  And I might just wear it around myself like a toga, I love it that much.
2 comments on "Paisley-ish Matellasé Stretch - Bittersweet Chocolate"
  1. It's an incredibly comfortable skirt - even with boning! I love it.

  2. I just bought some yellow matellase for some baby bumpers (home decor weight). It's awesome stuff. Never sewn with it before. I would love to have a skirt made of it.