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Fancy Funky Flower Fun

Greetings!  I am in full-on Christmas making mode, but I thought I'd take a quick break to show off a flower pin I made recently:

It is made with upholstery-weight fabric scraps that I was given by a fantastic furniture consignment store in Oak Park called Divine Consign.  The women who runs the shop has that rare combination of elegance and friendliness.  She graciously gives me the scraps from their re-upholstery projects.  I plan to make another slightly smaller flower with these same scraps to give her as a thank you gift.

Speaking of, if any of you are looking for last minute holidays gifts, I just stocked up my Etsy shop with items that didn't sell in the Western Springs pop-up store I mentioned a few weeks back.  And if you are in the Berwyn/Oak Park area, please feel free to use my free shipping code (FREESHIP) and I'll drive it over!
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