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Door #2 v. Door #1 . . . The Dilemma

So this is the other personal project I've had on my hit list.  This one is a BurdaStyle pattern for a high-waist deep V-neck dress I found on their website.  It's not as much of a challenge as the Bombshell dress but I might be able to finish it by New Year's Eve, and then show it off.  I do love the bodice and neckline on this one.


Here's another version of it by a BurdaStyle member:

from here

I would make it with plain black wool crepe fabric on the bodice and waist, with this black/silver ruffle knit I wrote about here on the skirt.

So Door #2 certainly is tempting.  But then there's Door #1, The Bombshell (in case you missed it):
Gertie herself - see more here

I found some great fabric options for this dress today at EmmaOneSock and Gorgeous Fabrics:
Pre-Fused Brocade - Royal Purple/Peacock
Royal Purple/Peacock Brocade from Gorgeous Fabrics

French purple/turqouise jacquard from EmmaOneSock

French 3-D Graphic Jacquard Larkspur from EmmaOneSock

So do you see my dilemma?  How do I decide?  I need some help, Readers!  Which dress/fabric do you like best???  If this were you, which dress would you wear?  Comments, please!
2 comments on "Door #2 v. Door #1 . . . The Dilemma"
  1. I can't help you decide. I'd like to see how either one turns out. I have that copy of Burda, so I'm especially interested in that dress, but that's just me being selfish.

  2. I'll probably go with the Burda - I have the fabric already and I think it's a little more realistic in terms of the time that I have. I'll let you know!