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Vogue 8800 for Father's Day

Yes, a minor miracle occurred in the PoldaPop household this week. I sewed something for my husband.

This is only the third time that I have used my sewing skills in a husband-centered project, and the first two were so minor (fixing pockets, sewing a heavy metal patch onto his jean jacket) that they really don't count for much.

And what brought on this unselfish use of my personal sewing time? A mere seven years of fatherhood and parenting support.

Oh, and that we're trying hard to save money and I couldn't think of anything else cheap-but-meaningful to get for him.

  • I used Vogue 8800 for the pattern, size 46. The only adjustment I made was to add 4 inches at the "lenghten/shortern here" line (he's 6'4").
  • Flat-fell seam for the sleeves, side seams.
  • Button-hold thread for the topstitching - so manly!
  • Regular thread for the buttonholes - the thicker thread didn't work there.
  • The fabric is some kind of blue-grey viscose/rayon-like woven that was part of a lot I bought from a de-stasher on Sew It's For Sale. It was the only drape-y woven that I had enough of for the project (men's shirt sure take a lot!).
  • Skipped the top loop & button since he never uses those.

The only scary part of this project was the buttonholes, as I haven't had a lot of success with these on my machine. But I practiced for a bit and then just sped through them before the right feeling (and my courage) was lost. 


10 comments on "Vogue 8800 for Father's Day"
  1. Looks lovely....and expensive :)

    1. And even better, Devon thought it made him look thin. So now he's thin and rich!

  2. That is lovely! And I agree with Rhonda - it does look expensive!

    1. Thank you, Gail! I tried to channel you and all your husband shirt-making skills . . .

  3. Fantastic gift! Good sewing karma is coming your way now ;)