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A PoldaPop Video!


Yes, that's right, another contest! I've been busy putting this one together over the course of the last few weeks with my friend and running buddy Jay Doyle. Lucky for me, his wife wanted sewing lessons so I was able to barter for his video editing skills.

So PoldaPop Designs made it in just under the deadline for this contest. And my business could win $25,000 and mentorship. Holy cow, would that be helpful.

This contest is mainly decided on by judges, but a component of the scoring is public vote. So if you have a spare few minutes, please go watch my video and vote for PoldaPop. Voting ends at midnight tonight!
1 comment on "A PoldaPop Video!"
  1. I put your video up on my FB page with a request to view. I have lots of sewing friends on FB! Good luck!