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Simple Fun

One of my new clients asked me to replicate a skirt she bought at J Crew some years ago.  It fits her perfectly and she wanted to have more versions of it.  The original skirt was made from a coral poplin, and she wanted one with a dark chambray (Robert Kaufman Cotton/Linen Chambray Shirting in Indigo from fabric. It was a fairly simple design with some lovely details.

Piping on the waistband, made from 1/8" cotton cording and bias strips (Coletterie has a good tutorial):

Side seam pockets (I found a good tutorial for adding side seam pockets around a side seam invisible zipper - just ignore the red/white stripe background fabric):

And contrast hem tape with blind hem stitches:

I love it when a garment looks almost as pretty on the inside . . . .

. . . as it does on the outside!

I used the pin-through technique for copying the pattern and it was easy to do but took some patience to do well.  I love it when designs like this have that little bit of extra that takes them from simple to special.

Next up, I'm fitting this same client for a corsetted pencil skirt.  And if the sky stops being gray long enough to take some pictures, I'll finally be able to show off my new peplum knit tops.  Have a great weekend, everyone!
2 comments on "Simple Fun"
  1. Cute skirt! and those little details make it special :-)

  2. This is funny for me, because at this very moment, I'm wearing that exact J.Crew skirt! I loved it so much I bought it in 4 colors (including the coral) - I'm wearing golden mustard yellow today! Sadly, they don't fit me as well as they used to . . .