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Spring Cleaning


It does not feel like Spring here in the Midwest - today's high was 36 degrees F, and while that's warmer than it has been lately, it still felt like winter when I was walking around today.  This picture was taken only last week:

Belly wrote that note to the leprechauns, trying to lure them into her trap. 
It says, "Leprechauns, plees hibernate in this snokav. I woot hrt you."

But I've come to understand "Spring" more as a state of mind than an actual season since we tend to go straight from winter to summer around here.

And I feel like Spring, even if the weather won't oblige.  I've got that quickening of energy, that renewed sense of purpose and productivity that I usually associate with the end of winter and beginning of, well, whatever it is that comes next. 

So I've been cleaning up my Pinterest boards and getting excited about fabrics and dresses and skirts for the warmer weather.  I don't actually spend much time looking around on Pinterest, but I have found it to be a great way to share ideas with clients.  When someone is planning a dress or skirt, we can both put up pictures of possible styles and fabrics all in one place - much easier than scheduling a bunch of meetings or sending a gazillion emails back and forth.

And then, of course, I've got plans for my own spring/summer wardrobe.  I love love love the Elisalex dress pattern over By Hand London.  It's rather expensive (especially when you add on shipping) but I just can't get it out of my head, so I'm either going to give in and buy it or knuckle down and draft something similar to it.

Image of Elisalex DressBy Hand London - Elisalex Dress pattern.  The full tulip skirt won't suit all body types but I love the silhouette

The pattern calls for a stiffer fabric to make the most of the tulip skirt.  I have some beautiful stretch taffeta in peacock, but that's a little fancier than what I'm imagining.  I visited one of my favorite Etsy shops, FabricsAndTrimmings, and fell in love with these cotton sateens:

Orchid and Chartreuse Floral Print Cotton Stretch Sateen Fabric--One  Yard
Orchid and Chartreuse Floral Print Cotton Stretch Sateen Fabric
Chocolate Brown Mod Geometric Print Stretch Cotton Sateen Fabric--One Yard
Chocolate Brown Mod Geometric Print Stretch Cotton Sateen

What do you think??  And has spring fever hit you yet?
2 comments on "Spring Cleaning"
  1. Yes it has. I'm already pulling out brightly colored garments and I have even purchased a couple of pairs of sandals!! Positive thinking! Love those fabrics by the way:)

  2. It's so hard to not think about spring/summer sewing. They're my favorite. I think the Elixadress is gorgeous, and you should go for it!