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Pattern Pyramid Winner!

I ran the random number generator yesterday morning to find the winner of my hosting of the Pattern Pyramid and Trumbelina was the lucky winner!  So this particular pattern pyramid and my fabric addition will head back to Canada.

And to clarify - I thought (as did Debbie before me) that this was the Pattern Pyramid started by Karen at DidYouMakeThat? but it actually orginated with A Charm of Magpies in Wellington, New Zealand.  So in the family tree of pattern pyramids, this is a completely different branch!  So thanks to the Charming New Zealander for getting this Pattern Pyramid started.

Couldn't resist playing with some of the crowns at the Coronation cafe.
2 comments on "Pattern Pyramid Winner!"
  1. Wow!! Cool! I finally won one of these!! Thanks!

  2. How very exciting to see these go to a new home and another new-to-me blog! And thanks for the shout-out, it was unnecessary but much appreciated :)