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What's Up: Accessories

Hey!  I must say, I have been having the time of my life the past couple of weeks.  My little business is doing well and with Belly in kindergarten and Mooper in daycare two days a week, I can really crank out some work.  I feel much more even-keeled having work days again.  And I love being able to give my sole employee a paycheck every week now!  She really deserves it . . .

I've got tons to show so I thought I'd break it down into categories.  I had a small swirl of business in my Etsy shop, selling two of my upholstery swatch/scrap custom wallets and one pre-made wallet in the same week!  I think the wallet is improved with the zipper closure and I'm excited that I got to have some practice with the new design.  It definitely helps to get into a rhythm when handstitching the zippers in place.

These wallets really bring out the obsessive side of my personality.  I could play around with the placement of the internal fabric pieces for hours!

Jill, of Custom Cookies by Jill, ordered a handbag a few months ago and I only just cleared out the orders in front of her to get it made.  It's based on the bag pattern in the BurdaStyle book, with some (I think) improvements: shorter leather straps/handles, thermolam fleece interfacing to give it more structure, a cell phone pocket and a zippered pocket.  I'm thinking about ways I can further play around with the design, because the bag is a great size for an everyday handbag.

And because I wanted to figure out the right combination of interfacing for the bag, I made one for myself to test it out.  The fabric I used on my bag is from one of my Economy Shop hauls, so it probably cost me about $1.50.  New fall budget bag for the boss!

And yes, that is a Hancock Fabric's sale pamphlet peeking out from under my wallet.  Got to be prepared.

4 comments on "What's Up: Accessories"
  1. Haha! I keep the Hancock ad in my purse at all times, too. I love the shape of that bag.

  2. Wow. I'm super impressed with the zipper application on the wallets! Did you hand sew the bias tape on, too? They look great!

  3. @ Liza: I'm glad I'm not alone in this! You never know when you're going to need that 40% coupon . . .

    @Amy: Thank you, Amy! I sewed the bias tape on the machine (first the inside then the outside)as there's only so much handstitching I want to do on these. I've been trying to figure out a way to machine stitch the zipper but I can't think of a way where it will still look nice . . .

    @Candice - thank you, thank you!