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Jalapeno Dress . . . and recipe

Yes, I know that jalapenos are green and not red (and I know they have a tilde accent mark over the n, but I can't figure that out on my computer), but I posed for this picture next to our jalapeno plant, hence the name.  And the dress is a little spicy!

I originally planned to make this dress for the Summer Sewing Challenge over at BurdaStyle (check out the winner - her dress is fantastic!).  But time was not on my side and I missed the deadline.  I actually gave myself plenty of time for this project, which is unusual, but I fiddled around with the belt for an entire weekend and then didn't have time for the rest of the dress.  But, who cares?  I got a dress I like out of it!

I used cotton lawn purchased from for all parts of the dress, so it's nice and light for summer.  The pattern is BurdaStyle's Heidi Dress, but I took a few inches off the length and four inches off the sleeve.  I made some slight alterations to the pattern and the only change I'd make if I do it again is to raise the shoulders by about 1/2 inch - it gaps just a bit around the neck & arms and that would fix it.  I've already worn it a few times and I'm sure I'll get even more use out of it next summer. 

Look, Ma!  Pockets!

Now for the recipe accessory . . .

Jalapenos Stuffed with Cheese & Dates

We have a ton of jalapenos in our garden this year - yesterday alone I picked thirty jalapenos.  Until I found a version of this recipe, I wasn't sure what I would do with them all.  It's not like you can put thirty jalapenos in a dish and survive to tell the tale.  Both Devon and I love this dish so much that we've gone from having too many jalapenos to not nearly enough.  I found this recipe through Pinterest and then tweaked it.

You will need:
*a truck load of jalapenos - slice in half lengthwise and the sloppily remove seeds and white veins(don't take it all out - you want to keep some heat)
*cajun spice
*cream cheese - I do use the lower fat version as penance for the bacon
*dates - sliced lengthwise in to about 6 slices each
*bacon strips cut in half

Heat oven to 350 degrees.  Fill the jalapenos with the cream cheese and sprinkle with the cajun spice.  Place a strip of date on each jalapeno.  Wrap the jalapeno with half a slice of bacon.  Bake at 350 for 20 minutes and then broil on high for 10 minutes to crisp up the bacon.  Yum!

Here I am eating it will a kale salad (also from the garden).  Is it lunchtime yet?

3 comments on "Jalapeno Dress . . . and recipe"
  1. Yum! Those stuffed jalapenos look delicious. And I love your spicy red dress!

  2. Goodness gracious! your dress indeed hot and spicy ;)

  3. What a fabulous dress! And with pockets, even... I love a dress with pockets!