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What's Up: My new love affair, four skirts

No, I'm not cheating on Devon. Not even tempted.

I've been mildly obsessed with teals and other blues for the last year so it's about time my fickle color sense strayed.  My new love affair is with this color:

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Sherwin Williams calls it SW6979 Verve Violet.  It's not quite what I think of as violet, but it will have to do.  I tried calling it magenta, but everything I found online in that color had more pink.  So, my new love will have to go by Violet unless someone gives me a better name.

I first discovered it in Brandon Mably's Scales in Grey:

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And then in Jane Dixon's Primitiva collection:

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Jane Dixon Wavy Stripes with Purple and Orange

I just ordered this lovely jersey fabric from Gorgeous Fabrics, which is not exactly THE color but it's close:

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Fireworks in the Sky Jersey - Magenta/Gray/Black/White

On Saturday, Cora and I had a Ladies' Outing and went to the Constructor Craft Fair at Fitzgerald's in Berwyn and then to a nail salon.  It was Cora's first trip to a nail salon and she was fascinated by it all: the chairs, the water tubs, the hot towels.  I had a pedicure and she got her nails painted like this:

And what color did a choose for my toes?  You got it!

Maisey didn't want to be left out of the photoshoot of our dedos and dedos de los pies (I've always preferred the Spanish words for these things), so here are her chubby hands:

And lest you worry, the band-aid is not a real injury.  Or, it was a real injury about three weeks ago but it is long healed at least in the physical sense.

Well enough about my new fling, let me get down to the work of this last week.  I'm going on vacation with the girls in a week to visit my best friend Malinda and her family in rural Pennsylvania (very rural: her nearest neighbors are all Amish farmers).  So I'm working hard to finish up my spring orders before I go.  This past week I drafted, cut, sewed, fitted, and finished four skirts, which has to be a record for me.  Before you think I'm super human I'll confess that I had help: Grandpa took the girls to the zoo one morning and I paid for a babysitter to come a second morning.  I'll post pictures of the skirts on the lovely ladies who ordered them soon, but here's a preview:

Ann Marie's skirts
Denise's skirts

I'll write up the what's and why-for's when I post the skirts on their respective ladies this week.  I tried out some new techniques that those of you who like to sew might find interesting!
This week I plan to sew Jen's second dress and complete Catlin's summer order.  I've got a lot I want to get done before the vacation, so wish me luck!
2 comments on "What's Up: My new love affair, four skirts"
  1. You might be in trouble - your new love might become my new love! I am loving that color!! Loving it so much in fact, I might be wanting a purse with it! Or a clutch... or something! Let me know when you get back, so I can come see that fabric in person.

  2. We can share this one - plenty to love! And you can still change your current bag order if you want. I'll call you when I get back so that you can come take a look!