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What's Up: End of Preschool

I'm behind this week - I took the holiday off and we had friends over for a BBQ.  Then I was up all night Monday night with a vicious migraine (nausea and more, unable to sleep, almost told Devon he needed to get me to the ER) so Tuesday was about taking it easy and recovering (and calling my doctor to cry uncle and ask for a prescription).  But I'm back on track and feeling like myself again.  I will head out the door in a moment to go lead Cora's farewell class party - my baby is done with preschool - but I thought I'd take a moment to post about her teachers and the farewell gifts I made.

Miss Kim and Miss Nancy are fantastic teachers.  They have big hearts and big personalities and they treat the kids like people, so with humor, kindness (without the treacle), patience, and the right lack of tolerance.  Cora has really blossomed at school this year.  She's still hesitant to give hugs to non-family members (you should see the look on her face when a classmate runs up to hug her!) but she's confident about talking to and playing with other little people now.  And just more of her has come out.  So I love these teachers.

I organized the gifts from the other parents and classmates and we're giving them some things for the classroom: The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game (we received this from our friends Kate, Candice, and Rowan for Christmas and it is awesome) and two favorite books, Bedtime for Bear by Bonny Becker and "Stand Back!" Said the Elephant, "I'm Going to Sneeze!" by Patricia Thomas.  I still wanted to get them something special from just our family, so I made these gifts (Cora helped pick out the fabric and buttons):

The little top is for Miss Kim's soon-to-arrive granddaughter.  I traced a 0-3 mo top that we had in storage and then cut it out and added the ruffly strips before sewing it up.  I used scraps from the top I made for my friend Malinda and I'm excited to find a use for the leftovers from my jersey projects!

I'll get you caught up on my other ongoing projects soon.  I made a jersey dress for myself, but I need to get pictures.  I did a ton of work on Catlin's summer wardrobe but everything is not quite done yet (waiting for a fitting), and I finished Johnah's skirt but I want to get a picture of her in it.  This week I will make some headway on Ann Marie's and Denise's skirts.  But for now I'll just soak up the end of preschool
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