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I haven't posted anything about fabric in a while.  This might make you think I have taken a break from pouring over fabric websites.  You would be wrong.  Not only am I still at it, but I have found a whole new source: companies that buy leftover apparel fabrics from designers and then sell it to people like me (Midwestern sewists who only dream of strolling through the Garment District), giving us giddy access to an abundance of beautiful fabrics!  Dangerous stuff to a fabric addict.  I've actually started flipping quickly to a different screen when my husband comes into the room so that he can't catch me ogling fabric swatches.

Here's what I've found:

1)  The aptly named Gorgeous Fabrics.  The lady who runs this place has an interesting story, and some lovely lovely fabrics.  Here's just a taste of what you can find there:

Hawt! NY Designer Feathery Abstraction Silk Twill - Multi on Bla Sausalito Evenings Tye-Dye Rayon Challis - Blues Abstract Floral Silk Twill - Pink/Black/White

Catlin, if you are reading this, you should check on her rayon challis selections!

2) Mood Fabrics.  Yes, the Project Runway Mood Fabrics.  Yes, the store that has this beauty:

FP21399 Peacock Damask Jacquard
3) And then there's EmmaOneSock.  I do usually restrain myself to just ogling, but I just purchased these beauties from EmmaOneSock:

This one is a black on black matelasse, a fabric I had never even heard of three days ago, but my fabric guide assures me it's real.  It's like tapestry where the design is woven into the fabric instead of printed on, and the matelasse is a dress weight fabric.  Here's what EmmaOneSock says about it:

An absolutely stunning matelasse weave from a top French mill, made for a very famous designer... The design of this fabric is modern, fashion forward, and the quality SUPERB. The weave has a beautiful pointed circle graphic design with some reflective and some matte areas in a black on black. The fabric has a puckery textured surface, and is a light suiting weight with lovely drape, but also with body for tailoring. Perfect for a suit, jacket, sheath, mod tunic to wear with leggings and boots, skirt, etc. Dry cleaning recommended.

I swooned when I saw it.  And then there's this black with silver streaks ruffle knit:

Preach it, Emma:
From a well-known NY designer, this is another trendy and current version of the ruffled knits seen so much in RTW these days. The base fabric is a black mesh knit with "flaps" forming a second layer of free-flowing ruffles that move and dance with the body for a feminine and flirty look. It's printed with silver streaks that add to its festive look! Just a teeny bit sheer and very drapey, and although with the two layers there is more coverage, you would still want to line a skirt or dress. Would be fabulous for any number of knit tops, pullover, cardigan, tunic, dress or skirt. Please test first if you wish to hand wash at home.

Don't these sound/look gorgeous? I hope so as I spent more per yard than I ever have before! I'm going out with the husband for New Year's Eve and I thought that the first would make a good dress with the second as a wrap (or an alternate dress, depending on what I think when they arrive).

Oh my, oh my.  And I get the glorious feeling that there's more . . . which means that I guess I'll be doing more flipping of screens when Devon comes into the room!

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