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A Little Holiday Giving

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen some of these gifts already. I didn't sew as many small gifts this year, but I did make a few bigger ones. I had to cut down on my sewing for teachers - now that I have two in school, the number of teachers, aids, etc, just got to be too much (somewhere around 20, and it will be more next year). So I made a gift for the main teachers and everyone else got soap from my friend Stephanie's beautiful Etsy shop. Since I love these soaps, I figured it was a good compromise.

Belly's teacher loves animal print, so she got this furry zebra print clutch:

Mooper has three preschool teachers, and I made zippered pouches with boxed corners for them (but failed to take a picture).

My husband's Aunt Wendy is tough to buy for, so I made her a cross-body messenger bag with fabric I knew she would love (she bought it for a different project, and I had plenty left over), and a leather strap from remnants. I was particularly happy with my stripe matching on this one.

Mooper and Belly received the bulk of my Christmas sewing, and that's probably as it should be. One of the best things about sewing for them is how happy they are that I made something just for them. "You made this?! For me??! Thank you, Mama!"

Christmas nightgowns (Simplicty 1575):


Christmas Pillowcases (to match the blankets their Grandmas made for them):

Christmas owl ornaments (thank for the idea, Liza Jane!). I cut the larger eye circles to give them lashes:

And simple Christmas skirts:

I particularly love the trim on this one -
it came from my husband's Grandmother's stash.

Mooper turned 5 just after Christmas, so she also got her annual birthday dress, this time with a matching reversible bolero (Simplicity 1703):

And special homemade cupcakes (these ones are supposed to look like scoops of ice cream in a banana split).

The cherries are made from cherry Starbursts.

I also made around 20 infinity scarves for my Etsy shop, and all but two sold, so I guess I helped some other folks give handmade for Christmas!

I received some lovely sewing gifts from my family as well. I've been wanting these for some time without really needing them, so I was tickled to find them under the tree. Those Kai scissors feel so good in comparison to the Fiskars I've been using!

I hope all of you had an absolutely lovely holiday and Happy New Year!
4 comments on "A Little Holiday Giving"
  1. Aww, the 'you made this for me' is so sweet! Your oldest is your doppelgänger:) love the owls, too.

    1. Thanks, Liza Jane. I'm sure you'll be hearing those words soon! I had kids make the owls in my last sewing class of the year - they loved them!

  2. This whole post makes me feel warm and fuzzy and kinda jealous of those girls ... I'm glad they appreciate it - they're lucky munchkins.

    1. Thanks, Candice. It really is pretty fun to sew things for them. Their mama feels pretty lucky, too.