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Sewing Injuries and Pattern Alias

Hey, it's Friday!  I'm hoping to make some progress on my Craftsy Couture class this weekend now that I have waxed tracing paper in hand and I've traced my pattern pieces (just need to add seam allowances).  I wonder if this mom can steal a little time on Mother's Day to hide out and sew.  Is it rude to disapper from the celebration?

I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one to have had a run in with an iron.  An anonymous commenter on my last post managed to pick up the wrong side of the iron - I can hear the sizzling sound that would have made!  My other major sewing injury happened about twenty years before I actually started my sewing career.  I was sewing a patch on my favorite pair of jeans and dropped the needle onto a carpet floor while trying to thread it.  I stood up to look for the needle and put all my weight straight onto it.  And, of course, I was barefoot.  The needle completely disappeared into the flesh of foot and my aunt had to squeeze it out like a splinter.  And yes, she is One Tough Aunt.

Another anonymous commenter tracked down the true name of my New Look pattern: New Look 6164.  And now that she said that, I do notice that the pattern pieces have that number on them.  What's that about?  Did 0172 get married and change her name to 6164?  Or is 6164 on the lam, hiding out in 0172's pattern envelope???

Anyway, here's what the pattern looks like:

She looks like she's hiding out, doesn't she?

Here's the front bodice + band that comes with the pattern:

And here's the back band piece that I created by copying the general shape of the band:

I tried to be scientific about how wide I made the band, but then gave up and just guessed.  I used this same piece for the front and back on my recent dress variation, and just folded under the straight side until it was about 1/2" to 1" less wide than the skirt piece (I wanted to increase the negative ease for the band so that it fit snug around my waist). 

Thanks for checking out my last dress creation and let me know if you have questions about how I got there.

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mamas!
5 comments on "Sewing Injuries and Pattern Alias"
  1. Oooo, I have my eye on that sweater-thing on the cover - maybe I can borrow it to trace sometime? :)

    1. Anytime, Kristine - I've got my size traced out for the dress/top!

  2. I think the reason for the different names is kind of the same as for Simplicity vs See&Sew where they repackage previously released patterns for marketing reasons I guess. So a S&S has one or two models that use to be a wardrober, for example.

    I keep accumulating those cross-over/twist/knotted patterns without ever making them. Hope to see yours soon, it will motivate me...

    1. Okay, I think that makes sense - thanks for providing a plausible reason! I've made a couple of the twisted tops now (see previous post) and once you get the hang of it they aren't that hard. I did have to read the directions several times for the first one!

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