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Birthday Present, Part 2: I'm so Lucky, oh so Lucky!

What does every sewist want for her birthday?  Sewing stuff!  And, oh boy, I got lucky.

Look at this haul, courtesy of my wonderful MIL!  She got me a gift certificate to, and that plus a timely sale led to a a huge box of midweight jersey, ponte knit, and doubleknit fabrics arriving at my house today!!

But that's not all, oh no, that's not all.

My super sweet husband gave me four yards of this beautiful wool basketweave so that I can make myself a new winter coat for next winter.  I think I'll be using this pattern, as I like the rounded collar, the slim fit, and the band about the waist.  I want to put some trim on it.  I'm thinking dark brown leather binding or piping.  What do you think??

And look! 
I can hop up and down on the ball!
But that is not all!
Oh, no.
That is not all . . .

My lovely in-laws didn't stop with fabric, they also gave me this book, off my wish list:

I felt so "ah, shucks" receiving these gifts from family - they really recognize how important sewing is to me.  Do you all get giddy when a box of fabric or patterns arrive?  Why is it?  For me, I think it's the anticipation of creating, and all those lovely hours of scheming about what I'll create.

I've got one more sewing gift to reveal from my birthday, and it's a biggie, but you'll have to wait until next week.  In the meantime, I've got some actual sewn garments to write about before then.  Stand by!

6 comments on "Birthday Present, Part 2: I'm so Lucky, oh so Lucky!"
  1. Fabric. I get positively giddy when a box of fabric arrives at my doorstep. Awesome haul!

  2. yay ... your giddiness is infectious!

  3. Awesome presies! That coat is going to be killer! I say yes to the brown leather binding or piping - fantastic!

    I've bought myself plenty of sewing birthday presents this month: lots of fabric and patterns have made their way into my stash!

  4. Oh how I love being in on a secret :) But you couldn't pry the information out of me with any type of torture!!!! You had one fabulous birthday, and the best part about it is that you'll use everything you received!

  5. Excellent gifts.I like this and also expecting some more gifts