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What's That? Drool? Oops, Sorry!

Yep, I've been ogling fabric and patterns again.  I have not one but TWO PoldaPop parties next weekend so I've had a good excuse to do some online window shopping (got to be ready with suggestions, you know).  And there are lovely fabrics out there to drool over (and yes, I did once almost drool while gaping at fabric online.  There.  I admitted it.).

Fabric I'm drooling over . . .

As I discussed early, the color magenta has been calling to me since the end of summer.  And I can't get this fabric out of my head, even with the steeper-than-average price tag:

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Midweight Designer Magenta Geometric Silk Twill Fabric fron Britex Fabric
I'd love to make a blouse or dress with this.  The description on the website suggests using it as a lining.  Are you kidding???  First, I can't imagine paying $31/yard for a lining and second, I can't imagine keeping this to myself in the lining of a garment. 

And then there's this brocade from Mood:

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Fuschia Stripes Wavy Brocade from Mood Fabrics

Like the first fabric, at $40/yard this is also out of my usual price range, but oh, it would look fantastic as a pencil skirt or funky fitted top. 

On the other side of the price range is this fantastic stretch corduroy called Chicago Streaks from Vogue Fabrics:
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It's so hard to find corduroy for grown-ups, espcially stretch corduroy.  And it's only $6.99/yard.  I don't know how I've managed to keep my money in my bank account so long on this one.

I don't know how I feel about chartreuse next to my face, but there's someone out there who would look gorgeous in a top made out of this jersey fabric:

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I'll probably stick to purple for myself:

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One of my clients ordered a dress from this fabric:

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Green and Cocoa Abstracted Floral Print Stretch Cotton Sateen Fabric from Etsy shop FabricsAndTrimmings
When it arrived I spent a good 10 minutes petting the fabric, exclaiming to Belly and Mooper, "This fabric is gorgeous, isn't it??"  There's still three yards left in the store if you're interested (heh heh, just try to stay away!). 

I made myself a new denim pencil skirt this fall and I've had a three clients order denim pencil skirts as well.  I love the denim at Mood Fabrics and I hope someone orders a skirt from this metallic denim because I'd love to work with it!

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And this last one is lovely in it's simplicity:

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Japanese Novelty Dot Jacquard Suiting - Black from Gorgeous Fabrics
It's got a bit of stretch in it and it would look fantastic as a pencil skirt or fitted dress.

If you want to check out all of the fabric I've been ogling, please visit my Pinterest boards.  Ogling fabric online is certainly one of my vices.  If I start on it before I go to bed, I'm up for at least another hour hopping from site to site.  And then I can't fall asleep afterwards because I'm too energized from all that beauty! 

I'll post a bit later this week with some of the patterns I've been drooling over lately - Style Arc!  Sewaholic!  Cake!  Oh, my! - I love some of the patterns I've been seeing in independent pattern makers' collections.  And then I'll be ready for Friday!
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  1. Oh my, that stretch corduroy has my name all over it!!! And the metallic denim is very tempting...

  2. LOVE the green and cocoa abstracted floral ... droooool....