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Figuring out personal style ...

The art directors and designers of the world create mood boards for themselves ... visual collections that ultimately tell a story ... indicate a trend or pattern etc.  I believe wedding planners encourage clients to do this for themselves too:

Starting today, I'm going to post a weekly "What's your Style" quiz.  The goal is to help you (present and future clients) figure out your likes and dislikes in the realms of color, fashion and home design.  Don't have space on a wall for a mood board?  Then start one at Pin Interest.  This is also a really great place to look at other peoples' collections ...

Today's quiz is care of Sproost.  It's a really nice one for pushing you to think about your interior design likes and dislikes.  Apparently my interior design style is 40% Vintage Modern, 40% Rustic Revival, 20% Cottage Chic.  Otherwise known as eclectic!  Pretty accurate I think.

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